Network Architecture Consulting

Expert assistance with complex platforms and projects at a fraction of the cost

Perhaps you have basic IT support covered, but need On-demand professional assistance for more complex matters. Why hire a costly, full-time IT expert when the professionals at Systemadix are available as needed! We offer consulting and project assistance for the following:

  • Platforms such as Veeam, VMware, MS Server, SQL Server, and MS Exchange
  • Server installations
  • Network design, optimization, security and penetration testing
  • Mail migrations
  • Advanced troubleshooting for complex issues
  • How do we add value to our clients?  For a DC real estate services firm with an in-house IT person, Systemadix has been the one call for On-demand expertise in platforms such as Exchange and VMware, network configurations, and project planning.  When data stores for Exchange became overloaded, Systemadix developed a plan to migrate the massive quantity of messages in a short timeframe and plan for contingencies to prevent any business interruption. Compared to investing in a full-time resource proficient in the many platforms the consultants at Systemadix have expertise in, this is an easy win for our client!

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