Customized Software Solutions and Websites

Building custom solutions designed to fit specific business needs

Often a client’s software needs go beyond “Off the Shelf” products that are commercially available. We have a track record of building custom software applications with features designed to fit specific business needs. Although often more costly, custom built software is fully customizable and allows for software updates on an as-needed basis. A client may also find themselves with an application built years ago that worked great at the time but is long overdue for functional updates or runs on an outdated software platform. We understand business and take the time to understand your business needs, then develop solutions that work around your business and budget. Our consultants have expertise in MS Excel, Access, VBA, VB.NET, and SQL Server based applications.
  • How do we add value to our clients?  When a homebuilding subcontractor in Springfield, VA, came to us with an old Access database that kept crashing and was supported by an increasingly unavailable Part Time developer, we converted the database to keep the existing Access-based program while moving the data itself to a robust, SQL Server based platform in one day. We then sat with users to review existing business processes, identified process gaps and made appropriate changes to close them, notably correcting improper tax calculations and closing a loophole that could have led to inventory shrinkage going undetected.

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