Meet the Team

Meet the IT team at Systemadix. We are here to help you with all of your computer needs. We offer complete management of your IT systems including design and development, installation, and upgrades of servers and computers. We specialize in installation, support and upgrades for both hardware and software systems. Give us a call today!

Eric Bloom



Eric Bloom is the founder of Systemadix Technologies, LLC, with 37 years of experience in the IT industry. He has held positions with Digital Equipment Corporation and various consulting engagements before founding Systemadix Technologies in 2004. His wealth of experience gained throughout the technology revolution makes him an invaluable resource for addressing any technological concerns that may arise. Eric is the first person our clients see when assessing their current IT infrastructure, and can integrate almost anything. His insight on technical nuances that others may spend days chasing or be unaware of entirely routinely keeps us, and more importantly our clients, ahead. For years he spoke of the possibility of a “hardware bug” that recently manifested as the “Spectre/Meltdown” bug, the defining issue in the IT industry this year!

Andrew Wilson



Andrew is the director of Systemadix Technologies, LLC. He is dedicated to reducing the frustrations that exist between clients, technology, and most importantly, the IT company. Prior to joining Systemadix, he worked for a number of large corporations and financial institutions. His extensive business background has equipped him with a unique ability to determine clients’ business needs and translate these into technology-based solutions. Andrew can also advise on many Accounting & Finance related matters. He is a seasoned application developer with a background in corporate finance, business strategy, process improvement, data management, compliance, and is highly proficient with MS Excel, Access, Visual Basic for Applications (VBA), VB.NET, and SQL Server-backed applications.

Dave Weintraub



Dave Weintraub is a physicist who has been programming professionally for more than 40 years for various industries including national defense, space science, research science, financial, medical and legal.

Paul Ashcroft

Network Support


Paul is the first person many of our clients see when help is needed with various computer issues. He performs desktop, server and network administration, and is proficient with Windows and VMware. Paul is originally from England, and moved to DC when he joined Systemadix in 2012. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Communications from Leeds Metropolitan University.

Stephen Marsh

Network Support


Stephen joined Systemadix in 2008 and spends most of his time supporting his client’s daily interactions with Microsoft Office, Exchange and Active Directory, as well as focusing on spam filtering/malware detection and general desktop support. Prior to joining Systemadix, he attended the Computer Career Institute at Johns Hopkins University and was an instructor at a baseball training center.

Denya Lloyd

Network Architecture


Denya assists clients in all aspects of managing their network infrastructure. He is certified in Network+, MCP, VMware, proficient in Salesforce development, is a Cisco Certified Network Associate, and has a Bachelor of Science degree in computer technology from Bowie State University. Denya grew up in the British West Indies, moved to Maryland in 2000, and is a proud veteran of the US Army.